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Torah, a.k.a. the Pentateuch, a.k.a. the Books of Moses, is so much more than “laws” or “statutes.” Torah is the wisdom of Adonai, the Most High God. He has given us a way to live, a path to greater fellowship with Him. His Word is our instructions for right living–a way to live that pleases God and allow approach to God. Salvation is just one part of that path–perhaps the beginning of the path or entrance way to the path.

It is foolish to think Torah and the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) have no relevance to new covenant living and belief. The prophet Isaiah who described Adonai as “wonderful in counsel and excellent in wisdom,” is quoted more than sixty times in the Apostolic writings, even by Yeshua (Jesus) himself. Surely, Isaiah’s assessment is relevant to new covenant believers.

Where are we to find this wonderful “counsel” and excellent “wisdom” of Adonai (the LORD)? In the Torah–Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Taste and see! The LORD is good!

It is our desire to help you grow in your knowledge of Adonai and His Word. If you are looking for additional information and/or materials, please visit our website at RootedinHisWord.org and our Facebook page. 


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Here’s a great article about the Jewish Holiday of Simchat Torah which began yesterday:

Essence of Simchat Torah


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