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Read Mark 14:55-65

  1. What were the Chief Priest and the counsel seeking with regard to Jesus?
  2. What was the problem with the false witnesses who spoke against Jesus?
  3. What do you learn from Deuteronomy 19:15 about the number of witnesses required under Mosaic law?
  4. In Mark 14:60, the High Priest asked Jesus a question, record the question and Jesus’ response.
  5. What was the question the High Priest asked Jesus in Mark 14:61? What was Jesus’ response?
  6. What is the significance of Jesus’ reply? How did this help His accusers? How does this relate to Exodus 3:14?
  7. What was the High Priest’s reaction to Jesus’ statement? Why did he react that way? What punishment did they want for Jesus? Why did they have to go to the Romans for that?

Note: After leaving the High Priest (Caiaphas) and the Sanhedrin, Jesus was taken to the Praetorium to be tried before Pilate, the Roman authority in Jerusalem and Judea. The Jews no longer lacked the authority to administer capital punishment (the death penalty) The Romans had taken that from them. In order to have Jesus crucified, the Roman authority would have to administer the penalty.

Going deeper: Who is Pilate? Find out what you can about him from extra-biblical sources. What do you learn?

Read John 18:28-40; 19:1-16; Mark 15:1-22;

  1. When Pilate asks the Jewish leaders what Jesus is accused of, how do they answer? What do you observe about that answer?
  2. How does Jesus describe His kingdom?
  3. In Mark 15:2, Pilate (Roman Ruler over Judea) questions Jesus as to who He is. Who does Jesus admit He is?
  4. What is the understanding that Pilate has about why the Chief Priests have turned over Jesus to him? (Hint Mark 15:10)
  5. What is Pilate’s verdict regarding Jesus in John 18:38?
  6. Who do the people call for in John 18:40?
  7. Who is Barabas? What is the debate involving him about? [Hint: See Luke 23:16-25?]
  8. Describe the suffering of Jesus outlined in John 19:1-3 and Matthew 27:27-31.

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