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Read Isaiah Chapter 31

  1. Against whom is the “woe” spoken in Isaiah 31:1?
  2. What will become of them according to Isaiah 31:2-3?
  3. What promise is made in Isaiah 31:4-5?
  4. What exhortation does Isaiah give in Isaiah 31:6?
  5. What prophecy is given about idol worship in Isaiah 31:7
  6. What do the following verses teach about idols and idol worship?
    □ Psalm 106:36 □ Psalm 115:4-8 □ Psalm 135:15 □ Jeremiah 18:15
  7. What things can become idols to us today? How can we put those things before God?
  8. What prophecy is spoken against Assyria in Isaiah 31:8-9?
  9. What application can you make from these two chapters?

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