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Read Matthew Chapter 13
1. Where is Jesus at the beginning of Matthew 13 according to Matthew 13:1?

2. Why does Jesus go out in a boat to speak to the multitude on the shore?

3. What parable does Jesus give to the multitude in Matthew 13:3-9?

4. What do the disciples ask him in Matthew 13:10?

5. How does Jesus respond in Matthew 13:11-15?

6. What is Jesus saying about the passage in Isaiah 6:9-10?

7. To whom was Isaiah originally delivering his message? How were they similar or different from the people to whom Jesus is delivering His message?

8. What does Jesus tell His disciples in Matthew 13:16?

Going deeper: The parable of the sower can also be found in Mark 4:2-20 and Luke 8:4-15.

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