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Read Exodus 22
1. What do you find interesting or noteworthy in this chapter?

Read Exodus 23
2. What prohibitions are given regarding the poor? The stranger?

3. What are the three annual feasts which they are ordered to keep?

4. What promises does God make in Exodus 23:20-33?

Read Exodus 24
5. What is the response of the people when Moses reads the Book of the Covenant to them?

6. Describe the similarities between Exodus 24:8 and Luke 22:20.




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Exodus – Chapter 21

1. List the 10 commandments (in your own words). This is the righteous standard of holiness set by God. Now put yourself and your conduct next to the standard and measure yourself. How do you measure up?

Read Exodus 21
2. What things stick out to you in this chapter?

3. Exodus 21:5-6 deal with the bond servant, the servant who chooses to stay and be a servant voluntarily. Who, according to the following verses, claimed to be a bond-servant?
 Romans 1:1

 Philippians 2:7

 James 1:1

 2 Peter 1:1

 Jude 1:1

4. Can you put your name here, too? Are you a bond-servant for Christ, a willing servant who chooses to submit herself under the Lordship of Jesus? How does your life evidence this?

5. What provisions does Exodus 21 include for the protection of women?



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Read Exodus 20
This chapter is extremely significant in the plan of salvation. God uses the law (as initially given here and further expounded upon and explained later by Moses and Jesus) as the measuring stick against which all humanity will be measured. As we will see, no man is capable of keeping the law, God’s standard of holiness.

1. Restate each of the 10 commandments in your own words. Which ones are problems for you?

2. What do you notice about the first four commandments? The second six?

3. What does Jesus tell us about the law in Matthew 22:36-40?

4. What is God prohibiting in the first commandment? Why is this significant in the history of the world? History of Israel?

5. What does Deuteronomy 6:14 add to this?

Challenge question: How does idol worship figure into the captivity of Israel?

6. What does God mean in verse 5 when He refers to Himself as “a jealous God?” What do you do that makes God jealous?

7. What kinds if things do we see today that qualify as carved images like those referred to in Exodus 20:4?

8. How does someone take the name of the LORD in vain? (Note: “in vain” means without effect or avail; to no purpose; in an improper or irreverent manner. Source: Dictionary.com)

9. What do you learn about the Sabbath from the following verses?
□ Exodus 31:14-16

□ Isaiah 58:13

□ Matthew 12:8

□ Mark 2:27

10. What does it mean to honor your father and mother? How long does that command last in one’s life?

11. What do these verses add to your understanding?
□ Exodus 21:17

□ Deuteronomy 21:18-21

□ Ephesians 6:2

12. What do you learn about the command not to murder from Matthew 5:21-24?

13. What do you learn about the command not to commit adultery from these verses?
□ Leviticus 20:10

□ Proverbs 6:32

□ Matthew 5:27-28

□ Matthew 5:32

14. What do the following verses teach you about lying or bearing false witness?
□ Exodus 23:1

□ Proverbs 6:19

□ Proverbs 14:5

□ Proverbs 19:5, 9

15. What do you learn about the law from these verses?
□ Psalm 19:7-11

□ Matthew 5:19

□ Romans 3:20

□ Romans 7:7

□ Galatians 2:16

□ Galatians 3:11, 20

□ James 2:10


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Exodus – Chapter 19

Read Exodus 19
1. What does God tell Moses to tell the people in verse 4-6?

2. How did the people respond in verse 8?

3. What must the people do in preparation for God’s coming to them? What restrictions does God give them? Why?

4. This close encounter with God at the end of Exodus 19 is amazing. It must have been so incredibly frightening and intense for the people. God is awesome. What do the following verses teach you about God?
□ Deuteronomy 4:24

□ 1 kings 8:27

□ Jeremiah 23:24

□ Psalm 29:4-5

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Exodus – Chapter 18

Read Exodus 18
1. Who comes to visit in Exodus 18? Why?

2. What do you learn about Jethro from Exodus 18:8-12?

3. Moses testified of what the LORD had done, so that Jethro could know God better, have more foundation for his faith. What do the following verses tell you about sharing your faith or giving your testimony?
Psalm 119:46

Jeremiah 1:7

Matthew 10:18-19

Luke 21:14-15

1 Peter 3:15

4. What suggestion for improvement does Jethro make to Moses? How did Moses implement that?


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Read Exodus Chapter 17
1. From the Wilderness of Sin, to where did the Israelites travel?

2. What two major events take place in this chapter?

3. What does God tell Moses to do to solve the water shortage?

4. What does Moses do during the battle with Amalek? What happens to him? What solution do Aaron and Hur come up with?

5. What is the meaning of the name Jehovah Nissi?


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Read Chapter 16
1. From Elim, to where did the Israelites travel next? How many days did it take them to get there?

2. What do the Israelites begin to complain about in this chapter?

3. What does God do? Moses?

4. What rules does God give concerning the manna?

5. Copy Exodus 16:33 here. It will become important when we study the Tabernacle.

6. Exodus 16:31 provides a description of manna. What does it look like? Taste like?

7. For how long did the children of Israel eat manna? When did they stop?

8. What does Deuteronomy 8:3 tell you about why God had them eat manna?

9. What does Psalm 78:24 tell you about manna?

10. What does Revelation 2:17 tell you about the “hidden manna?”

11. Read John 6:31-35. What do you learn about the manna and the bread of life?
God said He was “I AM.” The implication is that He was saying to us, “I AM all that you need, whatever you need. I AM everything.”

12. What do the following verses tell you about God and His provision?
□ Psalm 68:19

□ John 3:27

□ James 1:17

□ Matthew 6:26-33

□ Matthew 7:11

□ Philippians 4:19

□ Psalm 23:1

13. What does it mean when Psalm 23:1 says “I shall not want?”

14. Count your blessings. Consider the things that God has provided to you. See how many you can list. Here’s an alphabetical tool to help you. A few examples are given to get you started.



C – Car





H – House/Home


J – Job
















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