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Read Matthew Chapter 1
1. According to Matthew 1:1, from whom is Jesus Christ descendant? Why is this important? (Hint: Isaiah 11:-1-2)

2. See how many of the following questions you can answer without looking them up. Later in the study we will review the passages that discuss each person’s life. Keep track of your Biblical literacy!

What was Abraham known for?

What was Isaac known for?

What was Jacob known for?

Who was Judah?

Who was Tamar? How was she related to Judah?

Who was Boaz’s wife?

Who was Uriah?

Who was the wife of Uriah?

Who were Solomon’s parents?

What was Solomon known for?

What was Jehoshaphat known for?

What was Hezekiah known for?

What was Manasseh known for?

What Josiah known for?

3. Why were they brought to Babylon?

4. To whom was Jesus born according to Matthew 1:16? Who was her husband?

5. How many generations were there from Abraham to David?

6. How many generations were there from David until the captivity in Babylon?

7. How many generations were there from the captivity in Babylon until Christ?

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