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  1. Consider Emmanuel–God with us. Compare this name for God to the names of God from the Old Testament and record your observations.
    El Roi
    Jehovah Shalom
    Jehovah Rapha

Read Matthew 1

  1. Note all the names that you recognize in the genealogy of Christ. Make a note of what you know about them.
  2. What does Joseph learn about Mary? What is his initial response? Why?
  3. What prophecy is given to Joseph in Matthew 1:18? Who delivers it?
  4. Consider Joseph. What would it feel like to find your fiancee is already pregnant and you have never been intimate with her? What would it take for you to be on board with God’s plan? Sometimes God asks us to trust Him–He doesn’t always send angels to convince us. Have you ever had a situation when God wanted you to believe Him and disregard everything and everyone else? Explain.

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