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Read Matthew 1:18-25
1. Who was Mary’s betrothed (husband)?

2. How is Joseph described in Matthew 1:19?

3. What was the punishment for adultery under the Mosaic Law? (Hint: Leviticus 20:10)

4. What was Joseph’s plan for dealing with Mary and her pregnancy in Matthew 1:19?

5. What happens to Joseph as he is considering these things in Matthew 1:20?

6. What does the angel tell Joseph in Matthew 1:20-23?

7. What will the baby’s name be? What does it mean?

8. Copy Isaiah 7:14 here. Mediate on this

9. During what time period did Isaiah prophesy?

10. Copy Isaiah 7:14 here. Mediate on this. Record your thoughts and impressions.

11. What do you learn about Joseph in Matthew 1:24 to 25?

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