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Isaiah 62 to 63

Read Isaiah 62 – Jerusalem
1. What things does God promise will be true about Jerusalem in this chapter?

2. Copy Isaiah 62:11-12 here. Meditate on these verses. What do you observe? How does this encourage you?


Read Isaiah 63 – Edom
1. Where is Edom? Where did the nation of Edom come from? (Hint: Genesis 36:1) What is their relationship to Israel?

2. Who is Isaiah 63:1-6 speaking of? How do you know?

3. Read Revelation 14:19-20 and Revelation 19:13, 15. How does this passage compare to Isaiah 63:1-6? Are both passages speaking of the same person/events? Explain.

4. What does the Prophet say about the people of God in Isaiah 63:7-14?

5. In Isaiah 63:15-19, Isaiah seems to be speaking directly to God the Father. What does he speak to God about?


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