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As I head home from Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), I amazed that once again, it could speak to me and tell me so much of my God and my heritage as a God-lover.  It seems I can never exhaust the secrets this city holds for those who will come and open their hearts to the God who set His name on this hill.

Here are a few random moments from this year’s trip. Look for future posts discussing sites visited on our trip.




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Isaiah 62 to 63

Read Isaiah 62 – Jerusalem
1. What things does God promise will be true about Jerusalem in this chapter?

2. Copy Isaiah 62:11-12 here. Meditate on these verses. What do you observe? How does this encourage you?


Read Isaiah 63 – Edom
1. Where is Edom? Where did the nation of Edom come from? (Hint: Genesis 36:1) What is their relationship to Israel?

2. Who is Isaiah 63:1-6 speaking of? How do you know?

3. Read Revelation 14:19-20 and Revelation 19:13, 15. How does this passage compare to Isaiah 63:1-6? Are both passages speaking of the same person/events? Explain.

4. What does the Prophet say about the people of God in Isaiah 63:7-14?

5. In Isaiah 63:15-19, Isaiah seems to be speaking directly to God the Father. What does he speak to God about?


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Isaiah 60 – Jerusalem!

Read Isaiah Chapter 60
1. Who is the prophet speaking of in Isaiah 60:1-3? How do you know?

2. What promise is given to non-Jews in Isaiah 60:3? Why is this important?

3. What do the following scripture passages teach us about the light?
□ Genesis 1:3

□ Exodus 13:21

□ Psalm 18:28

□ Psalm 119:105, 130

□ John 1:4-9

4. What promises are given in Isaiah 60:4-7?

5. What promises are found in Isaiah 60:8-18?


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Read Isaiah Chapter 51
1. To whom is Isaiah speaking in Isaiah 51:1?

2. What instruction does he give them in Isaiah 51:1-2.

3. Why would he tell them that? (See Isaiah 51:3)

4. What does Isaiah say about God in Isaiah 51:3?

5. Who is speaking in Isaiah 51:4-5? What does He say about Himself?

6. What does He promise in Isaiah 51:6 about the earth? About those who live there? About His salvation? His righteousness?

7. What instruction/exhortation does He give in Isaiah 51:7?

8. What exhortation is given in Isaiah 51:9? To whom is it directed?

9. What does Isaiah 51:9 give as a prophecy about the sea? About those God has purchased back?

10. What human frailty does God address is Isaiah 51:12-13? What does He say about it?

11. What do the following verses teach?
□ Proverbs 29:25

□ Isaiah 8:12-13

□ Luke 12:4-5

12. Copy Isaiah 51:15 here. What do you learn from this verse?

13. What does God say of His people in Isaiah 51:16?

14. What message does God have for Jerusalem in Isaiah 51:17-23? How does this encourage you?

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Jerusalem – The People

Jerusalem and its people defy definition. These, just a few images, hint of the people, their diversity, their zeal and their humanity.

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