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For Zion’s Sake

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God is in the midst of her

God is in the midst of her [His city], she will not be moved; God will help her when the morning dawns. Psalm 46:5

When someone first made me aware of this verse, I took it for myself–I substituted myself for “her.” I considered it a promise from the lips of my King just for me. He would keep me from being moved in my trial, taken off course, distracted, or destroyed. He was already meeting me in the mornings–my special time along with the King of the Universe.

Through further study and exploration of other translations, I discovered that the “her” wasn’t referring to a person–rather it was referring to a place, to Jerusalem–the Holy City of God. I must confess that I felt just the slightest let down upon the discovery.

It is not that I don’t believe the promise that God is with me and will be with me–that He will never leave me or forsake me. That promise is clear in the scriptures. It was just a miss reading and misinterpretation of this particular scripture.

I pushed into the scripture and found that I could still find great comfort in the scripture–perhaps even greater comfort than I had first found when I considered that God’s promise to be in the midst of Jerusalem was epic. So many end-times prophecies will and are being fulfilled in Jerusalem. She (the city) must exist in order for these prophecies to be fulfilled. So God’s promise to preserve and maintain Jerusalem brings great hope, especially when Jerusalem today and in the recent past has been the seat of much unrest.

God is in the midst of her–a promise from God is an absolute “sure thing.”


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As I head home from Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), I amazed that once again, it could speak to me and tell me so much of my God and my heritage as a God-lover.  It seems I can never exhaust the secrets this city holds for those who will come and open their hearts to the God who set His name on this hill.

Here are a few random moments from this year’s trip. Look for future posts discussing sites visited on our trip.




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Isaiah 62 to 63

Read Isaiah 62 – Jerusalem
1. What things does God promise will be true about Jerusalem in this chapter?

2. Copy Isaiah 62:11-12 here. Meditate on these verses. What do you observe? How does this encourage you?


Read Isaiah 63 – Edom
1. Where is Edom? Where did the nation of Edom come from? (Hint: Genesis 36:1) What is their relationship to Israel?

2. Who is Isaiah 63:1-6 speaking of? How do you know?

3. Read Revelation 14:19-20 and Revelation 19:13, 15. How does this passage compare to Isaiah 63:1-6? Are both passages speaking of the same person/events? Explain.

4. What does the Prophet say about the people of God in Isaiah 63:7-14?

5. In Isaiah 63:15-19, Isaiah seems to be speaking directly to God the Father. What does he speak to God about?


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Isaiah 60 – Jerusalem!

Read Isaiah Chapter 60
1. Who is the prophet speaking of in Isaiah 60:1-3? How do you know?

2. What promise is given to non-Jews in Isaiah 60:3? Why is this important?

3. What do the following scripture passages teach us about the light?
□ Genesis 1:3

□ Exodus 13:21

□ Psalm 18:28

□ Psalm 119:105, 130

□ John 1:4-9

4. What promises are given in Isaiah 60:4-7?

5. What promises are found in Isaiah 60:8-18?


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Read Isaiah Chapter 51
1. To whom is Isaiah speaking in Isaiah 51:1?

2. What instruction does he give them in Isaiah 51:1-2.

3. Why would he tell them that? (See Isaiah 51:3)

4. What does Isaiah say about God in Isaiah 51:3?

5. Who is speaking in Isaiah 51:4-5? What does He say about Himself?

6. What does He promise in Isaiah 51:6 about the earth? About those who live there? About His salvation? His righteousness?

7. What instruction/exhortation does He give in Isaiah 51:7?

8. What exhortation is given in Isaiah 51:9? To whom is it directed?

9. What does Isaiah 51:9 give as a prophecy about the sea? About those God has purchased back?

10. What human frailty does God address is Isaiah 51:12-13? What does He say about it?

11. What do the following verses teach?
□ Proverbs 29:25

□ Isaiah 8:12-13

□ Luke 12:4-5

12. Copy Isaiah 51:15 here. What do you learn from this verse?

13. What does God say of His people in Isaiah 51:16?

14. What message does God have for Jerusalem in Isaiah 51:17-23? How does this encourage you?

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Jerusalem – The People

Jerusalem and its people defy definition. These, just a few images, hint of the people, their diversity, their zeal and their humanity.

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