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Read Esther Chapter 2

  1. When King Ahasuerus became lonely for his queen, what solution was proposed?
  2. Who is Mordecai? Of what tribe is he? What other famous person in Jewish history is from that same tribe?
  3. Who is Hadassah? Esther? Why is she in Shushan? Where is her family? Where is she from?
  4. What happens to Esther in Chapter 2?
  5. Describe Esther’s beauty treatments. How long did they last?
  6. What was the king’s reaction to Esther?
  7. What did Mordecai discover while sitting in the King’s gate? What happened as a result?
  8. What references to dates and/or time is given in this chapter? Note all that you find.
  9. What does God say about a woman’s beauty?
    □ Proverbs 31:30 □ 1 Peter 3:3-6

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