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Read Esther Chapter 2

  1. When King Ahasuerus became lonely for his queen, what solution was proposed?
  2. Who is Mordecai? Of what tribe is he? What other famous person in Jewish history is from that same tribe?
  3. Who is Hadassah? Esther? Why is she in Shushan? Where is her family? Where is she from?
  4. What happens to Esther in Chapter 2?
  5. Describe Esther’s beauty treatments. How long did they last?
  6. What was the king’s reaction to Esther?
  7. What did Mordecai discover while sitting in the King’s gate? What happened as a result?
  8. What references to dates and/or time is given in this chapter? Note all that you find.
  9. What does God say about a woman’s beauty?
    □ Proverbs 31:30 □ 1 Peter 3:3-6

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A wonderful picture of God’s amazing love is seen in the life of Queen Esther.  She, a Jewish girl orphaned at a young age, is raised by her uncle in Shushan, the capital city of the Medo-Persian empire.  She ends up in a nationwide beauty contest for which the first prize is to become queen.  She becomes the queen of the country.

But the evidence of God’s love in the story of Esther is not about her becoming Queen.  This is no Cinderella story.  Rather, this is the story of a God who sees everything, the beginning from the end.  He knows what lies ahead for His people, and He makes provision for them, even provision in the form of a young, scared Jewish girl.  He keeps all the promises to them no matter how long ago He made them.

When the wicked Haman, an important man in the King’s court, came on the scene and convinced the King of Medo-Persia to pass a law whereby the Jews would be slaughtered and their possessions taken by their neighbors, God had a plan already in place.  That plan was carried forward by Queen Esther.  God had hidden Esther in the pavilions of the palace of the King of Medo-Persia.  She would, in due time, be the vehicle by which God saved His people, the people from which the Messiah would come forth in the fulfillment of time.

You know the story . . . Esther convinces the King through a series of meals and events to pass another law which allows the Jews to survive, thereby preserving the Messianic line for the time hundreds of years later when a baby would be born to a descendant of David, of the tribe of Judah, in the town of Bethlehem as it was promised.

This is God’s love for us.  He makes a promise and never allows it to be broken, so that in the fullness of time, He can keep His promise.   God cannot lie.   Study to know what God has promised for you.

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