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Read Exodus 3
1. Summarize what happens in verses 1-10. (You may want to use the questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? to help you focus on the action and characters.)

2. How does God identify Himself in Genesis 3:5? What is Moses’ reaction?

NOTE: The name for God in the Hebrew here is “Jehovah.” It is sometimes translated “Yahweh.” The meaning is the same with either translation. It means “I AM.”

3. What does God say about why He has come? Why is He talking to Moses?

4. What are the two questions Moses has for God in Exodus 3:11 to 15? How does God answer them?

5. What is your general impression of Moses after reading the first three chapters of Exodus?

6. What do you learn from the following verses about the people God speaks to and uses?
□ Psalm 8:2

□ Matthew 11:25

□ 1 Corinthians 1:26-29

7. Moses had questions for God. Maybe you have questions too. Maybe it is hard for you to understand why God has allowed certain difficulties, trials and temptations to come into your life. What questions do you have for God? Commit some time in prayer to lay these questions before God, knowing that He is in control and loves you very much. From the story of Moses, we see that God is long-suffering with us, with our fears and frailties. He longs for us to rest in His arms, but He is faithful to help us make our way even if we come with our many questions and doubts.


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