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It is not surprising that a book entitled “Genesis” , which means origins or beginnings, has within it, many important “firsts.” For example, in verse 3 we have the origin of light. In verse  5, we have the first morning and the first day. In verse 6, we have the first atmosphere (firmament). In verse 9, we have the first appearance of dry land. In verse 10, we have the first seas. In verse 11, we have the first grass, the first herb that yields seed, and the first fruit trees. In verse 14, we have the origin of the stars and seasons. In verse 16, we have the origin of the sun and the moon.  In verse 20, we have the first sea creatures and the first birds. In verse 22, we have the first blessing recorded. In verse 24, we have the first land creatures. In verse 27, we have the origin of man.

Those are all I saw.  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know if I missed any.

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