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Read Exodus 4
1. What three signs does God show Moses that he can use with the Israelites?

2. What excuse does Moses give in Exodus 4:10? How does God respond? What solution does God give?

3. What does God tell Moses about Pharaoh and how he will respond to the signs that Moses will do?

4. Summarize what happens in Exodus 4:24-26.

5. What was the initial reaction of the children of Israel when they heard that Moses had come from the LORD and God had looked on their affliction?


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Read Genesis 50 (We made it!)
1. Summarize the events of Genesis 50:1-14

2. What do Joseph’s brothers ask of him in Genesis 50:17-18?

3. Copy Genesis 50:20 here. Can you think of circumstances in your life where the same might be said of wrongs that were committed against you?

4. What do the following verses teach you about past, present and future sins?
 Psalm 103:11-12

 Isaiah 1:18

 Isaiah 38:17

 Micah 7:18-19

5. Copy 1 John 1:9 below. Explain what it means in your own words.

6. Copy Romans 8:28 below. What does it tell you about the purposes and plans of God towards you?

19. Consider the bad things that have happened in your life (“bad” as you look at them). Can you see good that God has produced from those things? If you feel comfortable, please share what you see in your own life that supports what we learn in Genesis 50 about God working out good plans for all through the suffering of one or some.
20. What promises does Joseph give upon his death?


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Read Genesis 47
1. What do Pharaoh and Jacob discuss in the opening verses of Chapter 47 of Genesis?

2. What do you learn from Genesis 47:13-26?

3 How long did Jacob live in Egypt? How old was he when he died?

4. What is Jacob’s last request from Joseph?

Read Genesis 48
5. What happens in Genesis 48?

6. Copy the promise/prophecy of Jacob in Genesis 48:21 here.

Read Genesis 49
This chapter is important because Jacob is speaking blessing and prophecy over each of his sons, foretelling in part what lies ahead.

7. What does Jacob foretell about his son Judah? Why is this important?

8. What does Jacob ask at the end of Chapter 49 of Genesis?


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Read Genesis 46
1. What did Jacob/Israel do when he reached Beersheba?

Note: Beersheba was the last border town before they would cross the desert.
2. What promises did God make to Jacob in the visions in the night?

3. Who came with Jacob to Egypt? Who stayed behind? (No need to give individual names.)

4. What does Joseph tell his father regarding how the Egyptians view shepherds? Where does Joseph propose his family live?


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Read Genesis 43
1. What causes Jacob’s sons to return to Egypt? What does Judah tell his father? How does Jacob respond? How is the matter resolved?

2. From Genesis 43:16-34, answer the following questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Read Genesis 44-45
3. Summarize what happens in these chapters in your own words.

4. What does Joseph tell his brothers in Genesis 45:5-8?

5. What is Israel’s reaction in Genesis 45:28?

6. What do we know about God’s plans and purposes towards us from the following verses?
 Psalm 16:11

 Psalm 36:7-10

 Psalm 145:19

 Romans 8:28-30

 2 Peter 2:9


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Read Genesis 42
1. Who does Jacob (Israel) send to Egypt to buy grain?

2. Who does he keep with him? Why?

3. Review Genesis 37:5-8. What similarities do you see with Genesis 42:6?

4. What does Joseph do when he sees his brothers? What does he accuse them of doing?

5. What does he do with them?

6. After three days what happens?

7. What do they find when they open their packs?

8. When the sons return to Jacob, what does Reuben ask of his father? What is Jacob’s response?

9. What do the following verses teach us about those who do us wrong and taking our revenge?
 Proverbs 24:17-18

 Luke 6:27-36

 Romans 12:14

10. Is there someone who had done evil to you? Did you respond biblically? Explain.



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Read Genesis 41
1. How does Joseph come to meet Pharaoh?

2. What does Joseph tell Pharaoh in Genesis 41:16?

3. What do you learn from 1 Peter 4:11?

4. What does Joseph tell Pharaoh about his dreams?

5. What happens to Joseph after he interprets Pharaoh’s dream?

6. What do you learn about the faithfulness of God from the story of Joseph so far?

7. What do the following verses teach you about the faithfulness of God?
□ Deuteronomy 7:9

□ 1 Corinthians 10:13

□ Lamentations 3:22-23

8. Give an example from your own life of how God was faithful to you.


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