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Read Genesis 42
1. Who does Jacob (Israel) send to Egypt to buy grain?

2. Who does he keep with him? Why?

3. Review Genesis 37:5-8. What similarities do you see with Genesis 42:6?

4. What does Joseph do when he sees his brothers? What does he accuse them of doing?

5. What does he do with them?

6. After three days what happens?

7. What do they find when they open their packs?

8. When the sons return to Jacob, what does Reuben ask of his father? What is Jacob’s response?

9. What do the following verses teach us about those who do us wrong and taking our revenge?
 Proverbs 24:17-18

 Luke 6:27-36

 Romans 12:14

10. Is there someone who had done evil to you? Did you respond biblically? Explain.



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