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If you  missed our first post on the book of Exodus, check out Exodus – An Introduction.

Read Exodus 6
1. What does God foretell about Pharaoh in Exodus 6:1?

2. What does God command Moses to tell the children of Israel in Exodus 6:6-8? What is their response?

3. How long did Levi live? Who where his sons? Who is Moses father? Mother? Brother? Sister?


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Read Exodus 4
1. What three signs does God show Moses that he can use with the Israelites?

2. What excuse does Moses give in Exodus 4:10? How does God respond? What solution does God give?

3. What does God tell Moses about Pharaoh and how he will respond to the signs that Moses will do?

4. Summarize what happens in Exodus 4:24-26.

5. What was the initial reaction of the children of Israel when they heard that Moses had come from the LORD and God had looked on their affliction?


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