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If you  missed our first post on the book of Exodus, check out Exodus – An Introduction.

Read Exodus 6
1. What does God foretell about Pharaoh in Exodus 6:1?

2. What does God command Moses to tell the children of Israel in Exodus 6:6-8? What is their response?

3. How long did Levi live? Who where his sons? Who is Moses father? Mother? Brother? Sister?


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Having finished studies in the book of Genesis last year, we move on to the book of Exodus as the story of the people of God continues.

If you are just joining the study now, it might be helpful to review Bible Basics (Part 1) and Bible Basics (Part 2) both of which provide some introduction to the structure of the books of the Bible. As discussed in Bible Basics (Part 2), the book of Exodus is one of the 5 books of the law, sometimes known as “The Pentateuch.”

Exodus, according to Bible teacher J. Vernon McGee, means “the way out”. In the Book of Exodus, which is the second book of the Old Testament and the second book in the Pentateuch (law), we are told the story of how the Hebrews (descendants of Jacob) went out of Egypt, out of a life of slavery to Pharaoh.

It might be helpful to review the studies in Genesis Chapters 47-49 and Genesis  Chapter 50 to be reminded of where the story left off.

The opening chapter of Exodus lets us know that Joseph and his generation have passed away. A new king has arisen, and Joseph is not remembered. As a result, the descendants of Joseph are not show any favor. As a matter of fact, because they have grown so numerous and are perceived to be a threat, the new king seeks to oppress them and limit their population growth.

In the book of Exodus, the people of God (Israelites) will be delivered from Egypt, they will experience many miracles of God, they will receive the law of God (10 Commandments) and they will have several great failures as God’s people. All this will be before they enter the land God has promised them through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.



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