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Read 2 Kings Chapter 20:1-11
1. What happens to Hezekiah in the opening verses of this chapter?

2. What does God promise in response to Hezekiah’s prayer?

3. What sign was done to confirm the word of the Lord?

Read Isaiah Chapter 38
4. What does Hezekiah remind God of in Isaiah 38:3?

5. How does God respond in Isaiah 38:5-6?

6. What sign does God promise?

7. What strikes you in Hezekiah’s prayer in Isaiah 38:10-20?

8. What did Isaiah tell them to do to Hezekiah in order for him to recover?

Read 2 Kings Chapter 20:12-21
9. Who comes to visit Hezekiah? Why?

10. at did Hezekiah show to the King of Babylon? What does Isaiah say about that?

11. What does Isaiah say will occur as a result of what Hezekiah did? When will it happen?

12. What do you learn from 2 Chronicles 32:31 about who was behind the visit of the King of Babylon (or his representatives) to Hezekiah?


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