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Read Isaiah Chapter 37
1. How does Hezekiah respond in Isaiah 37:1?

2. Who does he send to Isaiah? With what message?

3. What message does Isaiah have from God for Hezekiah?

4. What does Rabshakeh do in Isaiah 37:8-13? How does Hezekiah respond

5. What message from God does Isaiah send to Hezekiah?

6. What does Isaiah say about the remnant in Isaiah 37:31-32?

7 What happened to the Assyrians and Sennacherib according to Isaiah 37:36-38?


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The next three chapters of Isaiah are about King Hezekiah. In order to better understand them, we are going to review what the books of the history (Kings and Chronicles) tell us about Hezekiah and his life.

Read 2 Kings Chapter 18
1. Who is the king of Judah at the beginning of this chapter?
2. How old was Hezekiah when he became king of Judah? How long did he reign? How is his reign described?

3. What do you learn of Hezekiah from 2 Kings 18:5-6?
4. What happened to Israel during the sixth year of Hezekiah, King of Judah? Why? (See verse 12)
5. What happened to Hezekiah and Judah in the 14th year of his reign? How does Hezekiah try to remedy the situation? What was the result?

Read 2 Chronicles 29
Some of what is covered is review of the above chapters in 2 Kings Chapter 18.
6. What did Hezekiah do in the first month of his reign? What did he tell the priests?
7. What does Hezekiah lay out as his plan in 2 Chronicles 29:10?
8. What do the priests do in 2 Chronicles 29:12-19?
9. How does King Hezekiah respond?

10. What are you told about Hezekiah and the people in 2 Chronicles 29:36?

Read 2 Chronicles 30
11. What does Hezekiah decide to do in this chapter?

12. What did the runners (couriers) tell the people when they announced the celebration of Passover in Jerusalem and the call for the people to come?
13. What did Hezekiah pray for the people according to 2 Chronicles 30:18-19? What was the Lord’s response?
14. What happened according to 2 Chronicles 30:23?

15. What do you learn from 2 Chronicles 30:26-27?

Read Isaiah Chapter 36
16. What is going on in the opening verses of Isaiah 36?

17. What does Rabshakeh try to do to those listening?
18. How did Hezekiah’s servants respond? Why? What did they do/tell Hezekiah?

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Isaiah Chapter 33

Read Isaiah Chapter 33; Read 2 Chronicles 32:1-23

  1. What do you learn of Sennacherib king of Assyria from 2 Chronicles 32:1, 9-19, 21?
  2. What do you learn of Hezekiah from 2 Chronicles 32:2-8, 20?
  3. What do you learn of God from 2 Chronicles 32:1-23?
  4. What do you learn about Isaiah from 20?
  5. How did God deliver Hezekiah and all of Jerusalem?
  6. Copy 2 Chronicles 32:7-8. Meditate on this passage. Record your thoughts and impressions. How does this apply to your life today? Tomorrow?
  7. What is the prayer of the people in Isaiah 33:2?
  8. What does Isaiah say of God in Isaiah 33:3–6?
  9. What judgment is spoken in Isaiah 33:7-9?
  10. What does God declare in Isaiah 33:10-13?
  11. What question is asked in Isaiah 33:14? What is the answer given in Isaiah 33:15?
  12. What does Isaiah go on to say of these people and how they will live in that time (when King Jesus is ruling in Jerusalem) in Isaiah 33:16-24?

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