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Isaiah Chapter 37

Read Isaiah Chapter 37
1. How does Hezekiah respond in Isaiah 37:1?

2. Who does he send to Isaiah? With what message?

3. What message does Isaiah have from God for Hezekiah?

4. What does Rabshakeh do in Isaiah 37:8-13? How does Hezekiah respond

5. What message from God does Isaiah send to Hezekiah?

6. What does Isaiah say about the remnant in Isaiah 37:31-32?

7 What happened to the Assyrians and Sennacherib according to Isaiah 37:36-38?


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Isaiah Chapter 10

Read Isaiah Chapter 10
1. What type of judgment is being described in Isaiah 10:1-4?

2. What do you learn about the poor, widows and fatherless from the following verses?
□ Exodus 22:22
□ Deuteronomy 10:18

3. What judgment does God speak over Assyria in verses 5-19?

4. What does God promise for the remnant of Israel in Isaiah 10:20-24?

5. What do these verses teach us?
□ Psalm 30:5
□ Psalm 103:9
□ Isaiah 54:7

God’s loving purpose in chastening is that we yield to Him; but if we harden our hearts, then chastening becomes judgment (citations omitted). Israel was being led astray by false prophets and foolish leaders; the nation would not listen to God’s word . . . If God cannot bring us to repentance through His Word, then He must lift His hand and chasten us. If we do not submit to His chastening, then He must stretch out His hand and judge us. God is long-suffering, but we date not tempt Him by our careless or calloused attitude.
-–W.W. Weirsbe, Be Comforted: Isaiahdsc_1872.jpg

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