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The Lamb

At the cross, I was bought and sold,
there my redemption paid.

The currency was blood
a debt I couldn’t pay.

and “Why,” you ask, “Would God
who made the universe agree
to shed one drop of royal blood
to save a wreck like me?

He saw not what I was
awash in sin and death
the mud caked in my coat
the stench of death, my breath

My Savior came
God’s plan to bring
He saw me as I’d be
just as if I’d never sinned
without blame before my King

Gifts He gives, both great and small
the blood is still the best
my Savior’s blood my soul redeemed
from Satan’s bony grasp

You may wonder why choose me
the beauty of God’s plan
is not just this lost sheep t’was saved
but all that come–each man

The door’s wide open, my sweet friend
eternity to gain
He’s the One who bears the marks
He’s the lamb t’was slain

(2003, revised 2016)

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