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You have arrived to the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Holy City, Jerusalem, after a long journey from your home in Capernaum or maybe Migdol or even from as far away as Cyrene, in Northern Africa. You are mesmerized by the mid-day sun reflecting off of the top of the Sanctuary. You wonder if the gleaming white you see could possibly be snow on the Temple, but you know it cannot be. Your heart swells with the knowledge that HaShem, blessed be He, is near. 

You feel the tug of your lamb on the rope you’re holding. Will it be acceptable? It is without blemish as the law requires, but you have heard of even the most perfect lamb not being accepted by the Temple Priests and Levites. Like the day before you brought home your bride from her father’s house to consummate your marriage, you feel worry creeping into your belly. Your budget is small–you can’t afford another lamb.

Before you know it, you are being pulled forward with the crowd down the side of the Mount of Olives. Olive trees are swaying in the light wind. You begin to sing along with the other pilgrims  making their way in a serpentine formation down the steep path into the Valley Kidron and then back up again to the Sanctuary. “Hoshiana! Hoshiana! The worry slowly dissolves into joy. Adonai has delivered you once again. You will remember Him at the appointed time. You will never forget the love of your God–your Redeemer.

Olives Trees (Mt of Olives, Jerusalem)

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