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     I think the mistake people often make in thinking about God is to think of Him as linear, boxed in or predictable. No, He is not contained by the ordinary, the clear route, the short cut or the safe choice. The longer I walk with Adonai, the more I see He loves creativity, the path less traveled. He loves the winding country road lined with untrimmed trees guarding the edges of endless corn fields, stalks waving in the gentle summer breeze. He loves the walk by the surf listening to the waves crash against the sand, the wind and the spray. Mostly He treasures a day spent in thought of Him, a time like the Sabbath when He can speak into our rest–speak of His great love, provision and plans for us.
     Abba is never rushed with us. His limits, which he lovingly installs, keep us from harm and evil. Great is His concern for His children. He lovingly disciplines us when we require it.
     Coming to Abba is like eating from a bag of mixed jelly beans, different flavors continue to delight the palate–no way to know what flavor is coming next. I think this is part of His vision for our relationship with Him. Some parts worship, some parts petition, contrition, confession, rejoicing, abiding, adoration, but always open, honest, intimate fellowship.
We see a picture of this varied tapestry of prayer and worship–life with Adonai in the offerings described in the book of Leviticus. Some offerings are for unintentional sins, some for marking a new season of life, a healing from illness. Some mark an ending of a season or moed (appointed time). Some are just to sit with God and enjoy being with Him–to receive His shalom (peace).
The offerings remind us that God intends our relationship with Him to involve all the aspects of our life, e.g. beginnings and endings, successes and failures, as well as regular times of being in relationship with the Lover of our souls. The God who sees us.

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