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Read Exodus 11
1. What happens in Exodus 11:2-3?

2. What do you learn about this from Exodus 12:35-36?

3. What plague does God foretell in Chapter 11? What will be the result of this final plague according to God?


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If you  missed our first post on the book of Exodus, check out Exodus – An Introduction.

Read Exodus 7, Exodus 8, 9 and 10
1. What is the first sign Moses and Aaron do before Pharaoh? What happens?

2. Copy Exodus 7:13 here.

3. The first plague God visits on Egypt is described in Exodus 7:17-19. Provide the following information about it: a description of the Plague, Could the magicians copy it? Did it affect all the inhabitants or just the Egyptians, and what was Pharaoh’s response?

For the remaining plagues, provide the following information the same information.

4. Review your information about the plagues. What do you observe? About Moses? About God? About Pharaoh?


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