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Lord, make my soul

To mirror Thee,

Thyself alone

To shine in me,

That men may see

Thy love, Thy grace,

Not note the glass

That shows Thy face

–Blanche Mary Kelly

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God, You have been too good to me,
You don’t know what You’ve done.
A clod’s too small to drink in all
The treasure of the sun.
The picture fills the lifted cup
And still the blessings pour
They overbrim the shallow rim
With cool refreshing store.
You are too prodigal with joy, 
Too careless of its worth,
To let the stream with crystal gleam
Fall wasted on the earth.
Let many thirsty lips draw near
And quaff the greater part!
There still will be too much for me
To hold in one glad heart.
    –Charles Wharton Stork

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