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Who is He?
The world has struggled with this issue since Jesus came on the scene more than 2000 years ago. Was Jesus simply a man? Was he a great prophet or teacher? Or was He the Christ–the Messiah–the Promised One, fulfilling hundreds of prophecies of the Old Testament prophets?

1. What does Isaiah 7:14 foretell about Jesus (the Messiah-the Promised One)?

2. What does Isaiah 9:6-7 tell us about the Messiah?

3. What additional information is given regarding the Messiah in Isaiah 11:1?

4. What do you learn from Isaiah 53:1-3

5. When did Isaiah live and give his prophecies?

6. What does the prophet Micah tell us about the birth place of Messiah in Micah 5:2?

7. When did the prophet Micah live and give his prophecies?

8. What does the prophet Zechariah tell us about the Promised One in Zechariah 9:9?

9. When did the prophet Zechariah live and give his prophecies?

10. When read these prophecies, given hundreds of years before the person they describe was born, by three different men, and you learn that they came true in the person of Jesus, what does that make you think about the Bible? God?

Closer to the birth of Jesus, months before, we are given additional information about Jesus.
Read Luke 1
11. What has Mary been chosen to do? Why?

12. What prophetic information is given about the child in this chapter? Provide a verse reference.

13. What happens when Mary goes to visit Elizabeth? What prophetic information does Elizabeth speak about the child Mary is carrying?

After Jesus was born, people were still speaking about His future and who He was.
Read Luke 2:8-15
14. What was spoken about the Messiah to the shepherds? Who delivered the message?

Read John 1
15. What do you learn about Jesus from this chapter? On what did John base his knowledge about Jesus?

16. What does Peter say about Jesus in Matthew 16:13-17? Who does Jesus say gave him that information?

17. What does Jesus say about who He is in the following verses?
▸ Matthew 9:6

▸ Matthew 26:63-64

▸ Mark 8:31


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