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Read Isaiah 59
1. What is the indictment in Isaiah 59:1-3? What separates us from God? Take some time and confess and repent of anything God brings to mind as you are reading and meditating on these scriptures.

2. Record some of the statements about justice the prophet makes in this chapter. Do they seem relevant to our society? The church? Give examples.

3. Record some of the statements about truth. Do they apply today? To us? Give examples?

4. How did God respond according to Isaiah 59:15-17?

5. What does God promise for the future in Isaiah 59:18-20? How does that impact you?

6. Copy Isaiah 59:21 here. Respond to this promise from God.


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Isaiah 58

Read Isaiah 58
1. What criticism does God make of their fasting in Isaiah 58:3-5?

2. What does God say about fasting, what He desires in the fast in Isaiah 58:6-12?

3. What does God promise if His people fast His way?

4. What does God say about the Sabbath in Isaiah 58:13-13-14? What promises does He make?


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Read Isaiah 57
1. What promise does God give in Isaiah 57:1-2 to the righteous?

2. Who is the prophet/God describing in Isaiah 57:3-13? What does He say about them?

3. What do the following verses teach about this subject?
□ Leviticus 19:4
□ Psalm 106:36-43
□ Psalm 135:15-18
□ Jeremiah 2:11-13
□ Jeremiah 5:7-9

4. What do the following scriptures say about how the one true and living God compares to useless idols?
□ 1 Kings 18
□ 1 Chronicles 16:26
□ Isaiah 19:1
□ Habakkuk 2:18-20

5. What does God say of Himself in Isaiah 57:15-20?

6. Copy Isaiah 57:21. Meditate on that. Record your observations/thoughts.

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Read Isaiah Chapter 56
1. What is the promise of Isaiah 56:1-8? How does this minister to you in your relationship with the LORD?

2. The prophet/LORD mentions the Sabbath and keeping the Sabbath several times in this passage. Review the verses that mention the Sabbath. What do you see?

3. What do the following verses teach about the Sabbath?
□ Genesis 2:1-3

□ Exodus 20:8-11

□ Exodus 31:13-17

□ Matthew 12:8

□ Mark 2:27-28

Going Deeper:
Review the Gospels and record the miracles that Jesus performed on the Sabbath. How were they received?

4. Copy Isaiah 56:7 here. What do you see?

5. Read Mark 11:15-17. What is Jesus upset about? How does it relate to Isaiah 56:7? What was the difference between how the Temple was intended to function in the community/world and how it was functioning when Jesus was there?

6. Who is being called out in Isaiah 56:9-12? (Hint: See Lamentations 4:13-14, Ezekiel 34:2-3, Micah 3:11) What is being said of them?

7. Record what was required of the priests in Leviticus 10:8-11. What reason does God give for this requirement?

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Read Isaiah 55

1. What is the message in Isaiah 55:1-2?

2. Who is speaking in Isaiah 55:3-5? What is the message being given?

3. What is the reader exhorted to do in Isaiah 55:6-7?

4. Copy Isaiah 55:8-9 here. Mediate on this. What application can you make of this verse to your life, your situation?

5. Read Isaiah 55:10-11 and write it out in your own words. How does this truth play out in your life? What hope to you receive from it?

6. Who is going to sing according to Isaiah 55:12?

7. How will you apply the truths from Isaiah 55 going forward?


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After the sorrow of chapter 53, comes the singing of chapter 54.
–Jon Courson, Application Commentary

Read Isaiah Chapter 54
1. What does the prophet encourage the reader to do in Isaiah 54:1?

2. Read 2 Chronicles 20. What was the battle strategy of Jehoshaphat in that chapter? How might we apply that to our lives today?

3. Read Acts 16. What happened when Paul and Silas began to sign hymns at arguably one of their darkest hours?

4. What do the following verses teach about joy and rejoicing?
□ Nehemiah 8:10
□ Philippians 4:4
□ 1 Thessalonians 5:16

5. What can be done “to enlarge the place of your tent?” In your life? In the local church? In the body of Christ? What do you see as your role or calling in that?

6. In Isaiah 54:4-8, God is speaking to the nation Israel, being sent into captivity and the promise to bring her back out, the promise to restore her. What is the first thing the prophet says in this section (verse 4a)?

7. Consider some of the other times in the book of Isaiah has told His children not to fear and made great promises to them.
□ Isaiah 41:10, 13, and 14

□ Isaiah 43:1, 5

□ Isaiah 44:2-5

8. Copy Isaiah 54:5 here. Why do you think God says that He (our Maker) is our husband?

9. Copy Isaiah 54:7-8 here. Meditate on this truth. What are your impressions? How can you make application of this to your life, your current situation?

10. What do the following verses add to the truths of Isaiah 54:7-8?
□ Psalm 30:5

□ Psalm 103:9

□ Micah 7:18

□ 2 Corinthians 4:17

□ 1 Peter 1:6

11. What promise does God remind them of in Isaiah 54:9?

12. What promise does God give them in Isaiah 54:10?

13. What promise does God make in Isaiah 54:13? 14? 15-17?



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1. Copy Isaiah 53:7 here. Meditate on that. What are your impressions?

2. Read Matthew 26:59-63. Summarize what is going on in your own words.

3. Read Matthew 27:11-14. Summarize what is going on in your own words.

4. How do Matthew 26:59-63 and 27:11-14 related to Isaiah 53:7?

5. Read Acts 8:26-35. Describe in your own words what is occurring in this passage. How does it relate to Isaiah 53:7?

6. Read Isaiah 53:8. For whose transgressions is Messiah stricken?

7. Read Daniel 9:25-26. What additional information is given?

8. Read 1 Peter 2:20-25. What is said of Christ’s suffering in this passage? What do we learn of how we should endure suffering from this passage?

9. Read Matthew 27:57-60. What do you learn about Jesus’ burial?

10. What do these verses confirm about Jesus?
□ 2 Corinthians 5:21
□ 1 Peter 2:22
□ Hebrews 4:15

11. Read Isaiah 53:10. Try to put the truths of this verse into your own words. What does this verse mean to you?

12. Read Isaiah 53:11. What does this verse mean to your life?

13. Read Isaiah 53:12. What does this tell you Messiah did for you?

14. Read Mark 15:28. What does this add to your understanding?

15. Read Luke 22:37. What does this add to your understanding?

16. Re-read Isaiah 53 and record all of your thoughts. How has studying this chapter changed your understanding of Jesus? His work on the cross? God the Father?

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