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Relinquishing Idols

Standing alone
gripping the metal piece
to my sobbing breast
precious it was
loathe was I to part with it

Once highly polished
varnish worn
exposing human manufacture
hope dashed
my idol would never
return all I’d invested

Why would You ask for it?
why ask me to give it up?
it’s nothing, really–

You persist
Your hand extended
to receive
my arm extended
to give

Light exposes
its sad condition
object of misplaced adoration
edges worn
paint thin, chipped

My heart lurches as You take it–
prying open my fingers
I release

Your tear catches my eye
realization stabs
reality intrudes
I float up from waking sleep
heart hurting
You would shed a tear for me?

I reach to touch the wet on Your cheek
to feel the evidence of Your devotion
You pull me close
to let me hear Your heart–
to know life
with You

I see now
all You’ve done for me
a film playing silently
on the screen of heaven

my idol
never answered a single prayer
never extended one moment of comfort
never spoke one word of guidance
never provided one moment of protection

only lies
false hope
false security

it was You
Adonai Elohim
Adonai Yir’eh
Adonai Nissi
Adonai Shalom
Adonai Tsidkenu

It was only ever You.

MaryBeth Mullin


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Read Isaiah 57
1. What promise does God give in Isaiah 57:1-2 to the righteous?

2. Who is the prophet/God describing in Isaiah 57:3-13? What does He say about them?

3. What do the following verses teach about this subject?
□ Leviticus 19:4
□ Psalm 106:36-43
□ Psalm 135:15-18
□ Jeremiah 2:11-13
□ Jeremiah 5:7-9

4. What do the following scriptures say about how the one true and living God compares to useless idols?
□ 1 Kings 18
□ 1 Chronicles 16:26
□ Isaiah 19:1
□ Habakkuk 2:18-20

5. What does God say of Himself in Isaiah 57:15-20?

6. Copy Isaiah 57:21. Meditate on that. Record your observations/thoughts.

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Read Isaiah chapter 44
1. What does God promise in Isaiah 44:1-5?

2. What does God say of Himself in Isaiah 44:6-8?

3. Why are these characteristics or descriptions of God important to you as a believer/child of God?

4. What does Isaiah say about idols and those who form them in Isaiah 44:9-20?

5. What additional insight to you gain from Psalm 115?

6. What does God promise in Isaiah 44:21-22?

7. What is the appropriate response to this according to Isaiah 44:23?

8. What does God say of Himself in Isaiah 44:24-28?

9. What do you learn from the following verses?
□ Psalm 8:3

□ Psalm 19:1-6

□ Psalm 104:2

□ Romans 1:20

10. Who is Cyrus that is mentioned in Isaiah 44:28? (Hint Ezra 1)

11. What does this chapter have to say about your life with God today?


Head waters of the Jordan, Dan

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