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Read Genesis 22
1. What does God ask Abraham to do in Genesis 22:1-2?

NOTE: At the time these events are occurring, Isaac is a grown man, perhaps 30-40 years old.

2. What is Abraham’s response to what God asks him?

3. What happens on the third day of their travel according to verse 4 of Genesis 22?

4. What is Isaac’s concern in verse 7 of Chapter 22?

5. How does Abraham respond in Genesis 22:8?

6. Describe what is happening in Genesis 22:9-10? What do you think was going through Abraham’s head?

7. What happens in Genesis 22:11-12?

8. What does Abraham find in Genesis 22:13? What does he do with it?

9. What does we learn from Hebrews 11:17-19 about Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac?

10. What promises does God give to Abraham in Genesis 22:15-18?




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