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There is a reason Genesis is called the book of beginnings.  We are now in the 4th chapter of Genesis and still finding firsts.

verse 1 – First record of intercourse (“Adam knew Eve”)

verse 1 – First record of conception

verse 3 – First record of an offering to the LORD

verse 4 – First record of God respecting an offering

verse 5 – First record of God not respecting an offering (first time we find “unacceptable” worship)

verse 8 – First recorded murder/fratricide

verse 16 – First time someone is described as going “out from the presence of the LORD.”

verse 17 – First record of a city being built

verse 19 – First recorded incidence of bigamy

verse 21 – First record of music/musical instruments

verse 21 – First record of craftsmen working in bronze and iron.

verse 26 – First record of men calling on the name of the LORD.

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