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There is a reason Genesis is called the book of beginnings.  We are now in the 4th chapter of Genesis and still finding firsts.

verse 1 – First record of intercourse (“Adam knew Eve”)

verse 1 – First record of conception

verse 3 – First record of an offering to the LORD

verse 4 – First record of God respecting an offering

verse 5 – First record of God not respecting an offering (first time we find “unacceptable” worship)

verse 8 – First recorded murder/fratricide

verse 16 – First time someone is described as going “out from the presence of the LORD.”

verse 17 – First record of a city being built

verse 19 – First recorded incidence of bigamy

verse 21 – First record of music/musical instruments

verse 21 – First record of craftsmen working in bronze and iron.

verse 26 – First record of men calling on the name of the LORD.

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Firsts in Genesis 3

As we mentioned in 2 previous posts, the book of Genesis, is a book of origins or beginnings.  We found many origins or “firsts” in Chapters 1 and 2, but there are more to be found in Chapter 3:

First misrepresentation of God’s word (by Satan verse 1)

First sin (violation of God’s clear command)

First invitation to another to sin (Eve gives Adam to eat)

First religious act (cover themselves to approach God)

First time nakedness becomes an issue

First time man hid from God

First time fear is mentioned

First time a husband blames a wife for his sin

First time a wife blames the devil for her sin

First curse on an animal

First curse on a person

First curse on the ground

First mention of childbirth

First time Eve’s name is mentioned

First animal sacrifice (verse 21 – God made skins to cover them)

First mention of leaving the garden

First mention of eternal life

First mention of Adam working the land to eat (farming)

First mention of Cherubim

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