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I was alone, broken-hearted
But Your word washed over me, cleansing me
And Your word healed all my wounds

I was starving; sorrow had taken my appetite
But Your words I found, and I ate them
And Your word became the joy and rejoicing of my heart

I was thirsty; in the wasteland of despair, I forgot to drink
But Your word was my refreshing
and Your word welled up in my heart like riparian springs

I was unloved; my beloved’s affection stolen through deceit
But Your word spoke truth over me
And Your word reminded me that I was precious, loved, accepted

I was imprisoned; my own desires had bound me
But Your word was the key to the locks that held me
And Your word – Your truth – set me free

I was destined for torment, my sin had earned me death
But Your word was my hope
And it led me to the blood of redemption

Your word sustains me
Your promises are my life blood
Your voice alone I hear, and I hear You call me Daughter

Copyright MaryBeth Mullin



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