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The Sabbath

Many might hear the term “Sabbath” and think the concept is not relevant to a non-Jew in 2016. This would be faulty thinking, arising from a lack of biblical literacy. In fact, the Sabbath and the biblical teaching about the Sabbath is as relevant today as it was when it was given.

Read Genesis 2:1-3

1. What did God do on the 7th day of creation? Why do you think God set aside a day of rest for His people?

2. Copy Exodus 20:8 below. What does it tell you about the Sabbath in the eyes of God?

3. What purpose does God give for the Sabbath in Exodus 31:13-17?

4. What does God say about the Sabbaths in Ezekiel 20:12?

5. What did Jesus say about the Sabbath in Mark 2:27-28?

6. What does it means when God says the Sabbath was a sign between Him and the people of Israel?

7. What does it mean when God says He “blessed and sanctified” the Sabbath?

8. How can you apply these teachings on the Sabbath to your own life?


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1. How was Woman created? List the five steps/elements.

2. What does Adam have to say about the woman in Genesis 2:23?

3. What does God tell us about marriage in Genesis 2:24?

4. Consider the creation of woman and the origin of marriage. What was God doing in creating woman out of man?

5. What was God doing in commanding that man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife? Why is this separation important?

6. What is the significance of two married people being “one flesh?”



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Read Genesis Chapter 2 and answer the following questions:

1. Why was Adam was put in the garden by God according to Genesis 2:15?

2. What did God command Adam concerning the Garden in Genesis 2:16-17?

3. What reason did God give for creating woman in Genesis 2:18?

4. What two characteristics does God give of woman in Genesis 2:18?

5. What did Adam conclude after naming all of the animals?


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As we mentioned in the last post, the book of Genesis, is a book of origins or beginnings.  We found many origins or “firsts” in Chapter 1, but there are more to be found in Chapter 2:

Verse 7 – First record of rest

Verse 8 – First garden

Verse 9 – First record of Tree of Life and Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Verse 10 – First record of a river

Verse 11 – First record of a job (Adam was to tend and keep the garden)

Verse 16 – First record of God giving a command to Adam.

Verse 20 – Origin of the names of animals

Verse 21 – First surgery

Verse 22 – First woman

Verse 23 – First words of Adam

Verse 24 – First Marriage

Verse 25 – First husband and wife to wear matching outfits

If I missed one, post a comment and let me know.

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