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We who love Jesus
are flawed

We are the Mary Magdalenes,
the women at the well,
the women with the issue of blood
the women caught in adultery
the impure
the unclean
the tax collectors
the prostitutes

Others reject us
hate us
are repulsed by us-
the proof of our sin
woven into our garment
but no longer tarnishing our souls.

We fall short
we disappoint
we’re harsh
we’re weak
we hurt others
we hold grudges
we back-bite
we defame
we’re difficult
we’re hypocrites
we’re human

But God
separates us
sets us apart
in Him
we find our sufficiency

In God
is our bond
we call out, “Abba”
the children of God
He loves us
planned for us
bled and died for us

He restored us
He justified us
He made a way for us
became the way for us
He is sufficient

We are not orphans
He will return for us
Our Great God
Our Good Father
Our Savior and Redeemer

He has never–
not for one moment
never–no never
lost sight of us

We are His
He is ours
He is sufficient

We grow weary
we give up
we run away
leaving chaos in our wake
ignoring the pain we cause
the slights
the cuts
the dagger pushed in
to its hilt
pulled out, dripping crimson

We hate
we kill
we kill hope
we kill ourselves
we hide dreams under burial mounds

we resist righteousness
we resist goodness
we resist gentleness
we resist kindness
we resist all that would bring us peace
nevertheless He is faithful

We are insufficient
But He is sufficient


Mary Mullin, Copyright 2020

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