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I was ordinary in so many ways
not the best or brightest
not the worst or dullest
not the oldest
not the youngest

my composition so much working class
and small-town somebodies

Born a girl
raised fatherless
but not an orphan

penny pinching but not penniless
clothes from catalogues
before that was a thing

My gifts I squandered,
tossing my pearls before so many swine

not considering their value
not considering my value
not knowing my purpose
not knowing His purpose
not comprehending His plans

I was someplace
not a bad place
but not my place

I had a someone
not a bad one
but not the right one

I was encouraged to take credit
eyes on self

I did
I got
I wanted
I became

An “I”-problem stole my life

a life of glory thievery
nearly kept me from the King of glory
from whole life
healed life
abundant life
God-driven life
God-centered life
God-filled future

I stole His glory
I stole from myself
I stole my chance to bring glory
to be a glory giver
not a glory thief
to know the glorious One
to serve the King of glory

**Glory thief – one who steals for himself the glory that belongs to God
I am the Lord, that is My Name; My glory I will not give to another.
Isaiah 42:8a

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My Father’s acreage stretches to the horizon
further than a man on horseback
travels in a month,
land rich in flora
diverse in fauna
varied in topography
abundant in resources
lacking nothing

Still, I’m drawn to the fence–
pulled to the perimeter
the boundary fence my Father built
at my request
for my safety


I’m not fenced in
–they are fenced out
enemies in the land

But the fence–
the land on the other side of the fence
the land my Father rejected
the land He considered
but passed over as not good enough
sometimes it calls

the inhabitants
beyond my Father’s boundary
urge me to come over
coax me to breach the wall

the dark places within me are stirred
I’m drawn
then I remember

I recall the time
before the perimeter was established
before the fence was built
before my Father took over my protection duty
I got stuck in the sinking sand
mired in the mud
I couldn’t free myself
just beyond the meadow

Before the fence
it was hard to recall the boundary
I often lost track
of where my Father’s land ended
I wandered off more than once
He had to come for me

after my last foray
long days stuck in the pit
baking in the sun

I agreed to the boundary
I asked for the fence
I acknowledged my need

Something inside me is still drawn
to the fence
to what’s beyond the border
when my heart is heavy
when the past whispers
I climb up
and look over

My heart cannot but remember
the sweetness of my Father
His embrace
warmth of His arms
safety within His borders

I climb down from the wall
skip back to my Father

My home
My Shalom

Copyright 2019

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Irreparably Broken

Irreparably Broken

I swim in the waters of my trial
your promises buoy me
I feel peace descend
A canopy over me
I will be all right

But clear waters turn swiftly to rolling white caps,
crashing on the sandy shore
from underneath, I feel the pull, the undertow of sorrow
pulling me, threatening me, holding me under the surface,
to drown me

I struggle to stay afloat,
reaching in my prayers for the arms of my Father, wanting You to take me from these waters
snatch me out, take me with You.
“Take me!” I cry. I want to be with You–completely with you

My tears are little comfort, my soul is bruised,
my confidence shattered,
I am broken.
I will never be the same.

You don’t correct me.
It is so. Irreparably broken.

Copyright 2016


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I know my heart has prayed this prayer . . .

Prayer for Song

Mend my broken mood,

Maker of Life and Song,

Lest this interlude

Of silence be too long.

Call my soul awake,

Set my heart aflame!

Singing fire will make

Ash of sloth and shame.

Touch my lips with song,

Wing my words with good.

Shepherd of things gone wrong,

Mend my broken mood.

—Fay Lewis Noble

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