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I was ordinary in so many ways
not the best or brightest
not the worst or dullest
not the oldest
not the youngest

my composition so much working class
and small-town somebodies

Born a girl
raised fatherless
but not an orphan

penny pinching but not penniless
clothes from catalogues
before that was a thing

My gifts I squandered,
tossing my pearls before so many swine

not considering their value
not considering my value
not knowing my purpose
not knowing His purpose
not comprehending His plans

I was someplace
not a bad place
but not my place

I had a someone
not a bad one
but not the right one

I was encouraged to take credit
eyes on self

I did
I got
I wanted
I became

An “I”-problem stole my life

a life of glory thievery
nearly kept me from the King of glory
from whole life
healed life
abundant life
God-driven life
God-centered life
God-filled future

I stole His glory
I stole from myself
I stole my chance to bring glory
to be a glory giver
not a glory thief
to know the glorious One
to serve the King of glory

**Glory thief – one who steals for himself the glory that belongs to God
I am the Lord, that is My Name; My glory I will not give to another.
Isaiah 42:8a

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