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The saga continues with the descendants of Abraham and Sarah. We are now moving on to the story of Joseph which begins in Genesis 37 and continues through the end of the book of Genesis. Joseph is the older of the two sons of Jacob and Rachel, Jacob’s second and most beloved wife.

Read Genesis 37
1. What do you learn about Joseph from Genesis 37:3?

2. Describe Joseph’s first dream.

3. Describe Joseph’s second dream.

4. What happens to Joseph at the hands of his brothers?

5. Which brother comes up with the idea to sell Joseph?

6. What do Jacob’s sons tell him about Joseph’s disappearance? What proof do they provide?

7. What do the following scriptures teach?
□ Proverbs 27:4

□ Proverbs 14:30

□ James 3:16

8. What happens to Joseph at the end of Chapter 37?



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