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I saw the darkness near the start
glimpsed the
damage to the heart
but despite my pause
I wanted to receive
apologies and
other words that please

but missing
in my training
was the wisdom to heed
the warning
darkness unattended
will grow untended
and extended

hidden in unexplored corners
places kept secret
in pretends
in little lies
and tries to please
in every lack of integrity

darkness waited for its collaborator
an open door
for lack of transparency
to yield up dishonesty
and concealed iniquity

to slowly grow and seep
from the corners to the deep
recesses of the darkened mind
the one hiding behind
a disintegrating mask

became disinterest
became anger
became un-forgiveness

the avalanche of
total darkness
threatened total black out

I didn’t truly know
but darkness has a foe
its weapons have no defense
its power lost against
the littlest ray of light

Light came for me
Light set me free
Light carried me
on to find my destiny

I’ll forever be a child of Light
and every darkness must take flight
when HaShem becomes my sole delight

Copyright M.E. Mullin

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