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Lessons from the Book of Job

One of many benefits of reading through the Bible each year is that once a year, I must ready the book of Job, 37 chapters of man’s wisdom followed by 5 chapters of God’s.

When I read the book of Job, I learn:

▸ I am like Job’s friends. I spend for too much time, energy and words trying to figure out why friends and loved ones severe or repeated suffering and trial. I search for hidden sin in their lives. I usually fail to consider the universal truth, “God’s ways are far past finding out.” How can finite man understand an infinite and almighty God?

▸ I am like Job. I tend to think God is dealing unjustly with me when He tests me or allows trials in my life. I accuse God of being far from me, not remembering me, or forsaking me. I am prone to think of God as a mere man, like me, capable of error, neglect, and thoughtlessness. I imagine at times that God might need my insight, vision, or my plans.

▸ I am so relieved to hear from God. After 37 chapters of rambling by those not much brighter than me, and I read the words, “The LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind,” and my heart quickens. His truth washes over me, verse after verse confronting me with my impotency and insignificance in stark contrast to His omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.

Like Job, my only response to the awesome power and knowledge of God is to mumble with my face in the dirt, I am vile . . . I have nothing to say.”

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