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We move into the story of man’s separation from God in Genesis 3. In chapter 2, Adam is with God in the garden, but by the end of chapter 3, he and Eve will be forced to leave the garden and will be prevented from coming back by armed guards.

It all sounds very depressing, but in Genesis 3, God sets the stage for the coming Messiah (Jesus). From this point forward through the Bible, everything that occurs moves history and mankind toward the first and second comings of Jesus the Christ–the Promised Deliverer.

1. What technique does Satan use in Genesis 3:1 with Eve? Genesis 3:4-5?

2. What is wrong with the response of Eve in Genesis 3:2-3? (Review Genesis 2:16-17)

3. Can you think of one thing that Eve may have allowed to influence her decision to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree

4. What is one thing that Eve could have done to avoid being deceived by the serpent regarding the fruit? What is one thing Adam could have done to help Eve avoid being deceived?

5. What was the response of Eve and Adam to God after they sinned?

6. What technique does Adam use to explain his sin in Genesis 3:12? Eve in Genesis 3:13?

7. In Genesis 3:14-15, as God pronounces a curse on the serpent, we have the first hint of the coming Messiah. In verse 16, “her Seed” refers to the fruit of the womb of Mary.

8. What curse does God proclaim on Adam? Eve?

9. Why did God drive them from the garden?

10. What was the response of Eve and Adam to God after they sinned?


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