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Jesus is my Valentine

cross-of-heartsJESUS IS MY VALENTINE

Jesus is my Valentine.
The lover of my soul.
He gave the perfect gift of love.
His life laid down for mine.

He’s written me His words of love,
Laid out His plan to save
Pages bound with scarlet thread
A message in His blood.

He did not only pay for me;
He paid the world to save.
Each broken heart made well again
To eternal life, the key.

I’m betrothed to Him, His bride to be.
He’s coming back and soon;
My bridegroom longs to be with me,
So He’ll not tarry long.

Jesus is the righteous judge,
Wicked souls will meet their doom.
But as for me, I’m washed in blood,
His robe of white I donned.

Is Jesus your Valentine?
Does His blood your sins blot out?
There’s only one who’s love can save,
One special Valentine.
Copyright MaryBeth Mullin

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