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Read Genesis 17
1. This chapter opens with a very clear command from the LORD. It seems like it would be impossible, and yet God is requiring it of Abram. God is also making a promise or covenant along with the command. What is God promising Abram in verse 2?

2. What is Abram’s reaction to God’s speaking to him in Genesis 17:3?

3. What does God do for Abram in Genesis 17:5? Why? What does the new name mean?

4. According to Genesis 17:7, who is also part of the covenant between God and Abraham?

5. What kind of covenant is God making according to Genesis 17:7?

6. Review Genesis 17:5-8, and list all the promises God is making as His part of the covenant with Abraham and his descendants.

7. What is required of Abraham and his descendants under the covenant according to Genesis 17:9-14? Write out some of the specifics.

8. What does God do in Genesis 17:15? What does the new name mean?

9. What promise does God make to Sarah in Genesis 17:16? How does Abraham respond in Genesis 17:17?

10. What happens in Genesis 17:18? How does God respond?

11. What is God’s promise regarding Ishmael?

12. What does Abraham do in Genesis 17:23-27? How old is he?

13. What do the following verses tell us about circumcision?
▸ Luke 2:21

▸ Romans 2:25-29

▸ Romans 4:11-12

▸ Galatians 5:6

14. Names of God. If we go back to verse one of Chapter 17 of Genesis, we are introduced to another name of God. This time, the name “Almighty God” is in the Hebrew, “El Shaddai,” which means the All-Sufficient One. God is sufficient to meet all of our needs. As you end this lesson, consider the sufficiency of God. He created all things. He is all-powerful (omnipotent). He is all-knowing (omniscient). He is all-present (omni-present). He is all that we need. What need do you have today in your life? God is sufficient to supply that need. Believe and trust in His sufficiency.


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