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Read Genesis 17
1. This chapter opens with a very clear command from the LORD. It seems like it would be impossible, and yet God is requiring it of Abram. God is also making a promise or covenant along with the command. What is God promising Abram in verse 2?

2. What is Abram’s reaction to God’s speaking to him in Genesis 17:3?

3. What does God do for Abram in Genesis 17:5? Why? What does the new name mean?

4. According to Genesis 17:7, who is also part of the covenant between God and Abraham?

5. What kind of covenant is God making according to Genesis 17:7?

6. Review Genesis 17:5-8, and list all the promises God is making as His part of the covenant with Abraham and his descendants.

7. What is required of Abraham and his descendants under the covenant according to Genesis 17:9-14? Write out some of the specifics.

8. What does God do in Genesis 17:15? What does the new name mean?

9. What promise does God make to Sarah in Genesis 17:16? How does Abraham respond in Genesis 17:17?

10. What happens in Genesis 17:18? How does God respond?

11. What is God’s promise regarding Ishmael?

12. What does Abraham do in Genesis 17:23-27? How old is he?

13. What do the following verses tell us about circumcision?
▸ Luke 2:21

▸ Romans 2:25-29

▸ Romans 4:11-12

▸ Galatians 5:6

14. Names of God. If we go back to verse one of Chapter 17 of Genesis, we are introduced to another name of God. This time, the name “Almighty God” is in the Hebrew, “El Shaddai,” which means the All-Sufficient One. God is sufficient to meet all of our needs. As you end this lesson, consider the sufficiency of God. He created all things. He is all-powerful (omnipotent). He is all-knowing (omniscient). He is all-present (omni-present). He is all that we need. What need do you have today in your life? God is sufficient to supply that need. Believe and trust in His sufficiency.


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Read Genesis 16
1. What does Sarai convince her husband to do?

2. What does Abram say or do about the idea?

3. What happens after Abram follows Sarai’s advice?

4. What was Abram’s solution?

5. What happened to Hagar? Who visited her in the wilderness?

6. What things does the Angel of the Lord tell Hagar?

7. What name for God is introduced in verse 13?

8. What do you learn about Abram and his son in the last verses of Chapter 16?

9. What mistake did Sarai make in giving advice to Abram?

10. What insights into the character of God have you gained from this chapter?


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Read Genesis 15
1. In verse 1, what does “after these things” refer to?

2. What did the LORD tell Abram in the vision?

3. Why do you think He would He tell Abram that?

4. In Genesis 15:2-3, Abram brings his complaints to the LORD. What is he concerned about?

5. What is God’s response in Genesis 15:4-5?

6. Copy Genesis 15:6 here. What application do you see in this verse for your life? Your faith in Christ?

7. Read Romans 4. What additional information do you learn about Abram and his faith in the promises of God?

8. Genesis 15:8-21 show Abram’s request for confirmation of the promise, and God’s giving of that confirmation. Describe what happened after Abram asked God how he would know that he would inherit the land.


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Read Genesis 14
1. Whose kidnapping is described in Chapter 14? Describe briefly how it occurred.

2. What was Abram’s response to the kidnapping?

3. Genesis 14:18-20 introduces a new character, Melchizedek. What do you learn about him from these verses?

4. What additional information do you gain from the following verses?
a. Psalm 110:1-4

b. Hebrews 6:20; 7:1-3

5. What does Melchizedek bring out? From the New Testament, what does this remind you of?

6. What is Abram’s response when the king of Sodom tries to offer him a reward? What does he say to explain his position?


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Read Genesis 13.
1. What does Abram do after leaving Egypt according to Genesis 13:4?

2. A dispute arose between the herdsmen of Abram’s livestock and the herdsmen of Lot’s livestock. How did Abram resolve the dispute according to Genesis 13:8-12?

3. Abram seeks peace with Lot and he even allows Lot to choose the land first. Read Psalm 33:16-22 and consider how Abram trusted in the LORD. How can you apply this to your current situation?

4. What do you learn about Sodom from Genesis 13?

5. Copy the promise of God to Abram in Genesis 13:14-17 below.



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The story of Abram (later known as Abraham) spans more than nine chapters in the book of Genesis. In order to be able to study the life of Abram and his part in God’s plan of salvation, we must look to chapters 12 to 20.

The introduction to Abram begins at the end of Genesis chapter 11. Re-read this section.
1. Record what you learn about Abram in Genesis 11:27-32.

2. Record what you learn about his wife, Sarai (Sarah).

3. What does Hebrews 11:8 tell us about Abraham (Abram)?

Read Chapter 12 of Genesis which begins with the call of Abram by the LORD.
4. What does God tell Abram in Genesis 12:1-3? How does Abram react?

5. What additional information about these events to you find in Acts 7:2-4?

6. In Genesis 12:7, God makes a promise to Abram. Copy it here. What does Abram do in response?

7. What does Abram do in Genesis 12:10? Why?

8. What does Abram tell Sarai to do when they get to Egypt in Genesis 12:11-13? Why?

9. What did Pharaoh do with Sarai? Why? What did he do for Abram?

10. What happened to Pharaoh after Sarai came to Pharaoh’s house? Why?

11. What is Pharaoh’s reaction to Abram when he finds out about the situation?

12. What do you learn about Abram from this story? What was Abram’s solution to his situation? What should his solution have been?

13. What do we learn about Sarai from the situation? Do you agree with what she did? Why or why not? How did God protect Sarai?

14. What does 1 Peter 3:1-6 add to what we know about Sarai (Sarah)?



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Read Genesis Chapter 11
1. What was the situation on the earth at the beginning of Genesis 11?

2. How did it change in the chapter?

3. What does Genesis 11:4 tell us about the heart of man at that time?

4. What does God do in genesis 11:5? What observations does He make?

5. What did God do? Why?

6. What happened as a result?

7. Who is Terah? What do you learn about him from the chapter?

8. Who is Abram? What do you learn about him from the chapter?

tower of babel 2

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