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Read Genesis 15
1. In verse 1, what does “after these things” refer to?

2. What did the LORD tell Abram in the vision?

3. Why do you think He would He tell Abram that?

4. In Genesis 15:2-3, Abram brings his complaints to the LORD. What is he concerned about?

5. What is God’s response in Genesis 15:4-5?

6. Copy Genesis 15:6 here. What application do you see in this verse for your life? Your faith in Christ?

7. Read Romans 4. What additional information do you learn about Abram and his faith in the promises of God?

8. Genesis 15:8-21 show Abram’s request for confirmation of the promise, and God’s giving of that confirmation. Describe what happened after Abram asked God how he would know that he would inherit the land.


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