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Read Genesis 32
1. What does Jacob learn about his brother from the scouts? What is his reaction?

2. What does Jacob do to prepare for his encounter with Esau?

3. Re-read Genesis 32:24-32 and answer the following questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

4. What is Jacob’s name changed to? What is its meaning?

5. Record who else had their name changed by God in the following verses:
a. Genesis 17:5

b. Genesis 17:15

c. John 1:42

6. Why do you think God changed Jacob’s name?

Read Genesis 33
7. What happens when Jacob finally meets Esau after all those years?


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Read Genesis 27
1. What does Isaac ask Esau to do? Why?

2. What does Rebekah do?

3. What does Jacob do to disguise himself? Why?

4. What does Isaac do in Genesis 27:27-29?

5. What happens in Genesis 27:30-40?

6. What is Esau’s response? What does Rebekah do as a result?

7. Copy Proverbs 14:1. How does this apply to Rebekah? To you?


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We have made our way through all the chapters in Genesis that discuss the life of Abraham. The next two chapters will deal with the life of Isaac, the son of Abraham, and his sons, Esau and Jacob.

Read Genesis 26
Re-read Genesis 12:10 and Genesis 10:1-18
1. Describe the events of Genesis 26:1-16.

2. What mistake of his father, Abraham, does Isaac make in the above passage?

3. What is the result of these events for Isaac according to Genesis 26:12? How do you explain that?

4. What was the response of the Philistines to Isaac’s good fortune? What did they do? Why was that significant?

5. What issue, problem, relationship, conduct, sin or other thing do you have in your life that God is asking for you to trust Him with?

6. What to you learn about Esau from Genesis 26:34-35?


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