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Read Genesis 27
1. What does Isaac ask Esau to do? Why?

2. What does Rebekah do?

3. What does Jacob do to disguise himself? Why?

4. What does Isaac do in Genesis 27:27-29?

5. What happens in Genesis 27:30-40?

6. What is Esau’s response? What does Rebekah do as a result?

7. Copy Proverbs 14:1. How does this apply to Rebekah? To you?


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1. Where was Abraham buried? By whom? Re-read Genesis 23 to review the story of Abraham’s purchase of the site for the grave.

2. How long did Ishmael live?

3. How old was Isaac when he married?

4. What do you learn about Rebekah in this chapter?

5. From whom does Rebekah seek an answer to the issues she was having in her pregnancy? What does this tell you about her spiritual condition?

6. What do you learn of Isaac and Rebekah’s sons in this chapter?

7. What happens in Genesis 25:29-34? Why is this significant? What does it tell you about each of the boys?



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