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Read Genesis 7
1. What reason does God give Noah for inviting him into the ark?

2. Who else is invited with Noah?

3. Why did God tell Noah to take 7 of the clean animals but only 2 of each of the unclean?

4. What does Genesis 7:5 tell us? Is this true of you? If not, explain.

5. According to Genesis 7:11, how old was Noah when the flood came?

6. What do you learn about the flood from Genesis 7:11-12?

7. Who went into the ark with Noah?

8. What else went into the ark with Noah?

9. What does Genesis 7:16 tell us about Noah and the ark? Why is this significant?

10. What was left alive on the earth during the flood?

11. How long was the water on the earth?


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