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Read Genesis 9
1. What command does God give Noah and his family in Genesis 9:1?

2. What command does He give them in Genesis 9:4-6?

3. In Genesis chapter 9, God establishes a covenant with Noah. Answer the following questions regarding the covenant from the text:

  • With whom does God make the covenant?
  • What is the covenant He is establishing?
  • What is the sign He gives for the covenant?

4. Who are the sons of Noah?

5. What happens to Noah in the end of Chapter 9?

6. What do you learn from these events about Noah? About Noah’s sons? About God?

7. How long did Noah live after the flood? Altogether?


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Read Genesis 8
1. Copy Genesis 8:1 here.

2. Where did the ark come to rest? How long did it rest there before the tops of the mountains were seen?

3. When did Noah remove the covering from the ark?

4. What did Noah do before removing the covering to make sure it was safe?

5. When did God tell Noah they could leave the ark?

6. What was the first thing Noah did after leaving the ark?

7. What promise does God make in Genesis 8:21-22?


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Read Genesis 7
1. What reason does God give Noah for inviting him into the ark?

2. Who else is invited with Noah?

3. Why did God tell Noah to take 7 of the clean animals but only 2 of each of the unclean?

4. What does Genesis 7:5 tell us? Is this true of you? If not, explain.

5. According to Genesis 7:11, how old was Noah when the flood came?

6. What do you learn about the flood from Genesis 7:11-12?

7. Who went into the ark with Noah?

8. What else went into the ark with Noah?

9. What does Genesis 7:16 tell us about Noah and the ark? Why is this significant?

10. What was left alive on the earth during the flood?

11. How long was the water on the earth?


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Read Genesis chapter 6

1. What does God observe about mankind in Genesis 6:5? What is His reaction to this observation in Genesis 6:6-7?

2. In contrast to the rest of man, how does God describe Noah in Genesis 6:8?

3. Read Hebrews 11:7. What do you learn about Noah from this verse?

Starting in Genesis 6:14, God begins to give very specific instructions for the building of the ark. Fill in the missing information from verses 14-22.

4. The ark was to be made of _____________________________.

5. It was to be covered inside and out with ____________________.

6. What were the dimensions of the ark? _____________________.

7. The ark had __________ decks.

8. Noah was to take ______ of every living thing into the ark.

9. What reason did God give Noah why he needed two of every living thing?

10. Who did God say would be the source of the flood?

Going Deeper: How big is a cubit?


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