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Read Genesis 10
1. What nations were descended from Noah?

2. What are the modern day nations occupying these lands?

3. Which son of Noah is the going to be the line through which God redeems His people? How do you know?

4. What lessons did you learn from the life of Noah?

5. What did you learn about God from the life of Noah?

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Read Genesis 9
1. What command does God give Noah and his family in Genesis 9:1?

2. What command does He give them in Genesis 9:4-6?

3. In Genesis chapter 9, God establishes a covenant with Noah. Answer the following questions regarding the covenant from the text:

  • With whom does God make the covenant?
  • What is the covenant He is establishing?
  • What is the sign He gives for the covenant?

4. Who are the sons of Noah?

5. What happens to Noah in the end of Chapter 9?

6. What do you learn from these events about Noah? About Noah’s sons? About God?

7. How long did Noah live after the flood? Altogether?


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